The Fictional Boyfriends Tag

It should be obvious at this point. As a fangirl, I love boys in books – more than boys in real life. I have so many book boyfriends that I can hardly keep track of all them. However, that’s what this tag is for.

Like most of the tags I do on this blog, I found this on YouTube. You can find the original tag and creator here.

Let’s get started!

Gabriel'sInfernoCover.jpg1. Most romantic boyfriend.

One of the most romantic men I’ve ever read was Professor Gabriel Emerson from the Gabriel’s Inferno Trilogy by Sylvain Reynard. Gabriel started out dark and moody, like many book boys do, but soon, we got to see his true self, and he is so romantic that every page had me swooning. The way he cares for Julia and the things he says to her make him such a perfect boyfriend and eventual husband. If he were real, he’d be the kind of man that I’d want to spend the rest of my life with, for sure. It was such a joy to read these three books and see Gabriel’s romantic side progress and see his relationship with Julia.

44104-after-wallpaper-1280x1024-A2. Dark and moody boyfriend with a good side.

Many people bash the After Series because they say it depicts an abusive relationship, but I really, really loved Hardin Scott. He’s definitely a bad boy, but when he falls in love with Tessa, he becomes so sickeningly sweet. He’s a mixture of dark and light, and he definitely had a good side underneath the baggage and the damage and the bad boy persona. I adore him, just like I adore this series.

3. Paranormal boyfriend.

For this one, I had to choose Gavriel from The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. We don’t get to experience much of him since most of the story focuses on Tana, but what we do get, it’s wonderful. He’s such a unique character, especially for a vampire. He’s sarcastic and romantic, and I almost wish we could’ve gotten more of him. He was the best part of the book.

cvr9781442367456_9781442367456_hr4. Boy you want to tame.

Call me crazy, but I’d definitely want to tame Will Sumner from Beautiful Player. He’s the one in the series that is known the most for being a ladies man – a player, like the title suggests. When he meets Hanna, however, his entire world changes. I’d like to be the one that changes him (if he were real). Of course, like most book boys, he’s romantic when he truly cares about someone, he’s funny, he’s open, and he’s described as a complete hottie. He’d be the perfect boy to tame – to commit to me and me only!

5. Boy you friend zoned.


I’ll probably receive some hate for this, but I’d friend zone Ron Weasley. I can’t picture him as someone I’d ever see romantically. He’s funny and wonderful, but in a friendly sort of way. Throughout the entire series, I could never see him as anything more than a great friend. Sorry, Ron!


6. Your soul mate.

Will Herondale – my one true soul mate. Need I say more?

Seriously, though. Will Herondale is the type of guy I’d like to have in real life. He’s sarcastic and moody, but underneath it all, he’s a huge softy, a lover, a fighter for what he believes in. He’s sweet and romantic. He loves to read. He’s described as attractive, and it’s not even the looks that would draw me to him. He’s just all around the perfect book boyfriend. Will Herondale has captured my heart completely. I only wish he existed in real life.

7. Boyfriend you want to elope with.


I love Augustus Waters. I truly do. Always have, always will. And since he has cancer, we’d need a quick wedding in order to be able to spend more time together.

tumblr_n4jcs39pLO1t7eg8go1_250.gif8. Boyfriend you’d venture anywhere with.

I’d venture anywhere with Etienne St. Clair from Anna and the French Kiss. And yes, I pictured St. Clair as Harry Styles circa 2013. Blame my mind.

Anyway, St. Clair is perfect. Wonderful. He’s British, American, and attends a school in France. He’s sweet and charming. He’s funny. He’d be willing to go anywhere with the one he loves (as proved by his love for Anna). If I were to travel the world, I’d want St. Clair right by my side.

tumblr_mwfbyo8lzK1s8x3s0o1_250.gif9. Boyfriend you’d want to be stranded on a desert island with.

Obviously Jace Wayland. He’s a complete badass, and he’d be the most likely to help us get back to civilization. Plus, he’d be great to look at, great to tease, great to kiss… Just saying! I think Jace and I would have stimulating conversations and we’d bring out each other’s intellect. He could teach me all about the Shadow World (if I didn’t already know). He’d protect me. And I’d absolutely love it.

By the way, Jamie Campbell Bower is my latest celebrity crush. Sorry, not sorry!

10. Most badass boyfriend.


Finally, Dimitri Belikov made it to the list. Would this list even be complete without him? No. Definitely not. Dimitri is the definition of badass. He’s a great dhampir, fights bad vampires, protects the ones he loves, and is completely romantic. I just adore him.

And that’s it! Who are your fictional boyfriends? Let me know in comments!