My Book Boyfriends

It’s no secret among book lovers that we tend to fall in love with fictional characters. In tons of books on my bookshelf, when I was reading a certain book, I ended up falling in love with a character along the journey of the pages. It just happens. It’s not something we, as book lovers, can control. The characters become real to us.

There are many fictional boys that I’ve fallen in love with over the years, but these are the ones that have left a lasting impression.

Hardin Scott from the After series by Anna Todd

Yes, I have to go there. He’s possessive and jealous and angry and moody, but he’s wonderful. I fell in love with him from the first time he made his appearance and stayed in love for the thousands of pages afterward. The way he loved Tessa is so swoon worthy, and the descriptions of his tattoos, long hair, and piercings were to die for (yes, he was modeled after Harry Styles). Whenever I got to read his point of view, it was always such a treat for me because I loved reading his thoughts and entering his mind. It was during those scenes that I fell hard for the guy. Trust me, if you haven’t read this series, do it! You’ll fall hard for Hardin Scott, especially if you find jealousy attractive!


Travis Maddox from Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Like Hardin, Travis is the classic bad boy. He’s tattooed, jealous, angry, and best of all, a fighter. He’s possessive and moody, like Hardin, but he leaves such a lasting impression. Personally, I liked Walking Disaster (Beautiful Disaster told in Travis’ point of view) more because we got to see into Travis’ mind. That’s always what draws me to the male characters, it seems. I like to know what makes them tick. In that novel, I got to see Travis’ true feelings toward Abby, and how he’d do anything…literally anything…for her. It, along with his jealousy and tattoos, were so attractive to me. Travis Maddox will always make the list of my book boyfriends. I want him in real life.


Augustus Waters from The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Would I be human if I didn’t put a John Green character on this list? His male protagonists are always such beautiful nerds that you can’t help but love them. I loved Augustus, not because of his attractiveness, but because of his quirkiness, his amazing one-liners, and his devotion to Hazel Grace. Let me tell you, I bawled so hard when he died that it still affects me when I think about it. Augustus was one of those characters you don’t forget. Life was limitless for him, even with cancer. I was a goner from the moment he entered the novel, but when he professed his love for Hazel in Amsterdam, I metaphorically died. He’s been my book boyfriend since I first read the novel almost three years ago.

Daniel Reid from Ascenders by CL Gaber

Ah, Daniel Reid. Again, he starts off a bit broody and mysterious, but as the story develops, as does Daniel. Truthfully, out of all the men on this list, I think Daniel is the sweetest. He’s completely family oriented, and his devotion to Walker is absolutely adorable, and when he gets jealous of Walker, it’s so well executed that I forget that Daniel is simply a fictional character. He’s protective, yet somewhat hardcore, and every time that he was present in the book, I felt myself swoon. He was absolutely charming, with his muscles and black hair. He’s an absolutely endearing character that captured my attention from the first page he appeared, and I can’t wait to read more of him in the next Ascenders novel. And when Daniel called Walker ‘baby’… my heart just about exploded.

Adam Wilde from If I Stay and Where She Went by Gayle Forman
For some reason, I picture Adam as Harry Styles (not the guy in the GIF, even though he played Adam in the movie). No shame, because Harry Styles is attractive. Nevertheless, I love, love, love Adam—particularly in Where She Went. The entire novel is narrated from Adam’s point of view, and his voice is incredible. I loved getting to see just how much he cared for Mia. His words and his feelings truly brought tears to my eyes. Even after years of being apart, he was so devoted to Mia and still felt so strongly for her. It made me long for a man just like Adam. He was the perfect character, and he would make the perfect boyfriend (if he weren’t fictional).

Shirk Demonz from The Openers by Jayna Ostler

Finally, we have Shirk from The Openers by my friend Jayna. Shirk is such a goofball, yet so serious at the same time. He’s in a band, but he wants to make music that makes him happy. The way he felt for Quin made me want to be Quin. He was so caring toward her, and even though their relationship happened rather quickly (because they met and got together on tour), it didn’t feel rushed in the slightest. His devotion to her and his feelings were written so well, and his overall personality made me fall for him quickly. His voice and chapters was my favorite part of the novel, and he is the perfect book boyfriend.


That’s all for now, even though there are plenty more book boyfriends I could write about! These guys… they make my heart happy.